Oh sure, I believe it!

I find this very improbable:

FBI headquarters in Washington, DC claims it does not have any internal documents on the protest movement known as Occupy Wall Street, according to a letter the agency sent to Truthout in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

On October 31, Truthout filed a FOIA request with the FBI seeking a wide range of documents, including “emails, memos, audio/video, transcripts, reports, threat assessments” in which Occupy Wall Street was discussed internally by agency officers and senior officials and/or any correspondence the agency had with local law enforcement and/or with local government officials.

Our request also sought documents related to any discussions that may have taken place “between FBI personnel, including FBI field agents” and the “CIA and Department of Homeland Security (DHS), related to the protest movement known as ‘Occupy Wall Street.'”

FBI FOIA Chief David Hardy responded to our FOIA request in a letter dated November 15, which said, “based on the information [Truthout] provided, we conducted a search of the Central Records System. We were unable to identify main file records responsive to the FOIA.”

3 thoughts on “Oh sure, I believe it!

  1. Astrology’s connection to everyday Horoscopes comes under the heading of dumbing down the public. Most people have no idea how alchemy grew out of astrology and then evolved in physics. Which after Newton invented Calculus to explain physics allowed us to lift off the surface of the earth and go to the stars in rocket ships. They just know that the stars, astrology to them, points their way into the future. And that future is dependent upon what their newspaper Horoscope tells them about life. It’s very similar to the silly practice of confessing your sins in a confessional that adherents to the Roman Catholic Church engage in. We’d all be better off if we didn’t follow the circus and listen to the clowns once in awhile.

  2. On The Diane Rehm Show today (hour one), a representative for retailers said that DHS works with the big retailers to improve crowd control for the big Black Friday sales openings.

    Yeah, right. No input from DHS, FBI, etc., on closing down Occupy sites.


  3. The best weapon in the “crowd control” arsenal is a shrinking middle call with no money to spend. That’s not a conspiracy either. It’s just a well planned attack by the 1% to capture ALL of the wealth. That wealth to be spent within their gated communities surrounded by well armed riot police as the 99% kill each other for the last bit of the remaining food outside the walls. Didn’t Mel Gibson make a movie about that?

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