One thought on “Matt Stoller

  1. I love Matt. I met him when he was working for Corzine’s gubernatorial campaign in 2005. He’s good people all the way. But when I told him I didn’t think there was any hope for the Democratic Party (in 2007, as I recall) and that I thought the third-party route was the only hope we had, his response was that, instead, we should think in terms of taking over the Democratic Party the way that the right side of the right-wing had taken over the Republican Party.

    Which sounds great, but it ain’t a happenin’ and hasn’t happened.

    It took the crazies thirty years to take over the Repubican Party. I don’t have the patience to wait thirty years and I might be dead by then.

    Anyway, good to see Matt finally coming around on this, because I am always right and the sooner he recognizes that, the sooner he’ll get to be right by just listening to what I say. Sadly, Matt is a Harvard alum, and you can always tell a Harvard man, but you can’t tell him much. If he’d gone to Cornell then he could be right on his own the first time without having to catch up.

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