Kitchen adventures

I was pretty psyched to discover a low-fat frozen pizza at Trader Joe’s – until today, when I realized it was eggplant. (I can’t eat eggplant, ever. But especially now.) So I chipped off all the frozen eggplant, covered the pizza with some mushrooms and a sprinkling of low-fat mozzarella. I may as well have made it from scratch!

3 thoughts on “Kitchen adventures

  1. Please be careful doing that.

    I have a friend who can’t have dairy products. For some reason chefs/cooks are putting cheese into and onto everything these days. Even if she takes the cheese off or out of the food product, she still has to take the anti-dairy medication. Cheese seems to leave behind a a substance of some sort that will still cause her to have a reaction. So, NO milk or milk-products, period.

    A reminder to us that Natural or Organic does not mean SAFE. Everybody’s systems are different and what’s safe for you may not be safe for ME/YOU.

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