One dollar vs. one “man.”

No, we don’t get to blame the people for the excesses of jerk Republicans.

This assault on information and truth has been going on for decades. Under Reagan there was a dramatic shift toward “market” — one-dollar-one-vote — sources of information and away from objective, citizen-oriented democratic — one-person-one-vote — sources. This market-sourced information necessarily reflects a conservative/corporate view because it is driven by money and profit instead of humanity and humanity’s needs.

Nice list of blogs there, but you probably read most of them anyway.

Thank you, Campaign for America’s Future.

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One thought on “One dollar vs. one “man.”

  1. “Share the wealth”…..Part III. Since 1981 (Reagan) the annual income for the avarage worker has fallen by $5000 dollars (in 1980 dollars). Much of that decline was a result of Bill Clinton’s push for free trade agreements like NAFTA. Millions of high-paying, union, manufacturing jobs were lost to cheap labor overseas. Those lost jobs were replaced with low-paying, non-union jobs in the service sector. A fact that Bill Clinton seems quite proud of. Bill keeps telling us that it was he who created millions of “new” jobs during his presidency. To be continued….

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