2 thoughts on “Pushing back

  1. I can’t believe how seriously minimizing the NYT’s reporting on this is. That guy didn’t “kick” her in the chest. He fucking stomped her ribcage in. I can’t believe she’s still alive.

  2. Finally our dear Secretary of State, Hillary, came out of hiding yesterday and said something negative about the disgusting treatment of women by Egypt’s military dictatorship. It took her long enough. But, Hillary says things like “We came, we saw, we killed him,” referring to the role of the USA in the barbaric murder of Qaddafi. She was paraphrasing one of history’s most blood-thirsty generals and dictators Julius Ceasar of course. Hillary is comfortable saying such things dispite the fact that they reveal her sychopatic mindset. So it’s no wonder she can watch women being beaten, raped, and killed for days on end without ever uttering a word. Hillary has yet to apologize to the tens of thousands of widows that the illegal wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya created. Wars that she not only supported but pushed for. Champion of women’s rights; that’s rich.

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