O’Donnell: Fire ‘outlaw’ cops

It’s about time somebody on TV other than Keith Olbermann expressed outrage about the NYPD’s good-squad tactics regarding Occupy Wall Street members and reporters:

On the “Rewrite” segment of his show Wednesday night, MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell said the only way for the New York Police Department to remain respectable was for the department to terminate officers who prevent reporters from covering protests.

NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly had ordered officers to avoid interfering with media access. But in December police officers prevented the New York Times from photographing arrests at an Occupy Wall Street protest.

O’Donnell said officers that violated the non-interference policy should be fired, not just disciplined.

“Firing them is the only way to demonstrate that the NYPD respects the Constitution of the United States of America,” he remarked.

The video is here.

2 thoughts on “O’Donnell: Fire ‘outlaw’ cops

  1. Hey, the NYPD is Bloomber’s private army (he said so himself!), and they can do whatever he wants them to.

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