4 thoughts on “Obama apologist bingo

  1. i don’t know if i expected to much or what, but the LEAST
    coulda done was go after all the corruption, but then we learned all of the beltway is “in on it” – the payola laden, creaky old bus of the status quo and that the whole idea of any hope to change the government back to the way it was designed and in line with the Constitution and the rule of law (before all the payola started, yeah, waaaaaaaaaay back) is now completely tied to the big banks and big backers of the duopoly – neither of which is doing us any good.

    He hasn’t lead on the environment, he’s abused the Constitution, even to a non-scholar, and ought to return the Nobel he got for his idea of peace. He just signed away the Bill of Rights with his NDAA endorsement.

    He’s in Cheney’s league in my opinion and i won’t vote for him. i’m looking at the Justice Party with Rocky Anderson and or Jill Stein, who just called Obama out on it:


  2. I don’t know what I expected for BHO, however what I have observed from the typical pink toe scenarios, are:the blue get along little dawgies, the left over HRC~ers, many drowned in the fire dawg lake, et al.

    As an AA female (we AlWAYS WORKED, BOUGHT PROPERTY, DEALT WITH FINANCIAL MATTERS) the biggest lesson of BHO’s administration coming vividly home to me is the USA’s inherent racism. Glad for the wakeup call
    BTW: for all of the DR LAURA BOTS I did not vote for BHO….

  3. No one on the D side is claiming that the opposition to Obama for some people isn’t grounded in racism. But you’d be hard pressed to convince me that progressives who live and breath policy are opposed to him because he’s black They just don’t like his policies, and neither do I.

  4. I thought Ms. Stein’s statement on tossing away various key components of the Bill of Rights was excellent. I would welcome a chance to vote for either her or the Justice Party.

    I voted for Oblablah in 2008. I will not make the same mistake in 2012.

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