Gov. Kasich bans injection wells.

Seems he suspects that injection wells might have something to do with earthquakes – like Saturday’s Magnitude 4 near Youngstown.


Well, this is interesting!

A detailed 2004 case study published in a bulletin of the Seismological Society of America examined a “persistant earthquake sequence in northeast Ohio” surrounding a brine injection well in Ashtabula County.

According to the report, two previously unknown underground faults became evident about a year after the injection well started operations in May of 1986. In 1987, the area experienced a magnitude 3.8 event with an epicenter only 0.7 miles from the well, which became the first of a series of quakes that averaged one per year….

In 1994, the Ashtabula well was shut down due to the increasing evidence of it triggering seismic events in an area previously considered geologically stable: no measured quakes originated within 30 km of the Ashtabula well in at least the previous 100 years.

But really, there’s no evidence. And no one could have imagined it, either.