3 thoughts on “Obama

  1. The 1% has already decided who will be the next president. Romney will be the Republican nominee and Obama will be reelected. What the 1% is now trying to figure out is how to salvage the careers of as many Blue Dog Democrats and Republican House and Senate members as they can. The 1% had a plan in place to do just that until OWS came along. To have any credibility in the 2012-2016 period Obama must be seen to be caving in to the 1% because the Blue Dogs and Republicans are forcing him to do so. With OWS around the 1% is facing some very serious political problems.

  2. I agree with everything you mentioned, Imhotep, except the part about Obama being seen as caving to the 1%. He’s well-known as a cave-in specialist, but he can’t win in November if he continues that tack. But, then again, running against Romney(the wealthiest of the wealthy) may allow him as much caving room as he will ever need.

  3. dandy, after Obama is reelected he must be given a reason to continue to cave in to the 1%. If the Republicans control both the House and the Senate next January (which is what the 1% has in mind) Obama will claim that he must compromise as a result of the outcome of the 2012 elections. He will tell us that the “people have spoken” and that’s what they want him to do. On the other hand if the House and the Senate are controlled by the Democrats, sans the Blue Dogs, his caving in will be seen as a wanton disregard of the people’s will in favor of the 1%.

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