Occupy broadcaster evicted

For no discernible reason. A little “selective enforcement,” perhaps?

Earlier this morning, Global Revolution Studios was ordered to vacate from their building by the NYPD in conjunction with the building department. It took three separate departments visiting 13 Thames to finally come up with a reason to remove the Global Revolution team with a posted notice despite having all applicable paperwork for the department of buildings in order. The reason given to me by the Global Revolution team is “A made up sprinkler condition.” Supporting this allegation of falsified conditions is that the very same building passed the same inspection standards back in 2011 in the month of November with no comments or concerns as to the buildings integrity or its sprinkler system.

It’s also odd how the first floor and cellar is imminently perilous to human life, and the floors directly above are perfectly fine. Even the person living illegally in the basement is perfectly fine where he is, meaning it’s specifically the area that Global Rev occupies and nothing else. One could accurately allege that this was a direct attack against one of the major voices of the movement and considering Global Revolutions direct affiliation with the Occupy movement; has made it an obvious target for this attack on free speech. The overreaching plan of these actions has been to suppress the ability of Occupy to communicate and to share the movements’ collective stories as they unfurl. By being a nexus of streams and information, authorities are attempting to do a top-down decapitation of the movements’ media coverage by once again isolating the information to the general public.

2 thoughts on “Occupy broadcaster evicted

  1. I think that there is no doubt that we have become our long lost enemy, the Soviet Union.

  2. I agree. Once upon a time, our selling point was that we had freedom of action, and could explore many approaches instead of being stuck with ideologically prescribed methods like those unfortunate places behind the Iron Curtain.

    Instead, we have morphed into the most ideologically hidebound place on earth.

    Once, the “Voice of America” would make sure the “truth” got out. Yeah, sure. Basically our form of propaganda.

    Kind of ironic that in the world today, Al Jazeera performs that function for us, in reverse.

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