Orwell as antidote to Obama

Obama enjoys making vague declarations of faith in the system — “The strongest democracies flourish from frequent and lively debate…” — but his style of rhetoric is exactly what George Orwell warned against in “Politics and the English Language.” More here.

3 thoughts on “Orwell as antidote to Obama

  1. That’s the deal with Obama, conservatives and other corporate ball-garglers. They assume that no one else has read Orwell, Machiavelli or Mein Kampf.

  2. Not only that, Ron, but a certain sum of us recognize bullshit when we hear and/or see it. Problem is that we either vote, organize, or OCCUPY………..

  3. Voting does no good – as we’ve seen with Obama and organizing and Occupy seem to go hand-in-hand. I’m in agreement with this new movement and hope it influences the political scene by ridding us of the same rich jerk-offs promising us one thing and then delivering the corporate agenda. Until the corporate/big money influence is nullified and corporations are no longer “people”, your vote is a waste of time.

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