Assuming nothing goes wrong between then and now, I’ll be having same-day surgery on the 17th. Finally. I asked the surgeon to make sure he didn’t maim or kill me, and he said he’d do his best.

By the way, he said, the symptoms I’m getting aren’t classic gallbladder attacks, but rather gallstone-induced pancreatitis. All I know is, hurts like a motherfucker.

6 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Susie, that’s good to hear. I’m marking my calendar so I’ll remember to think good thoughts that day.

    What Catherine D. says is important — you should have someone who can bring you home from the hospital/doctor’s office and stay at least the first night or two. I’ve had several surgeries (back twice, one knee) and the hospitals have required me to have someone who could help me home.

  2. Halle-freaking-luiah! That’s so great. OK, post-op: you’re gonna feel pretty damn good. Minimally intrusive surgery and all that. You’re gonna think, “shit, I can sit up and type that story.” Don’t you believe it. Take a couple of days while your body gets used to the insult. After the anesthesia wear off, just remember if you blow that part off and stay up doing shit, pain relievers are our friends.

    Up side: no more gut wrenching pain. Ever.

  3. …and if you need a caretaker, please let me know. I can fly for free and—believe me—I’ll be there in a NY SECOND!

  4. Great news. And yeah, take it real easy after the operation for a bit too!

    My wife will have cornea transplants this year. recuperation time is 2-4 weeks.

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