‘There are no classes in America’

As I’ve said before, the thing I like about reading fiction is that it teaches you that not everyone has had the same life as you. If you’re smart, you manage to understand enough of what you’ve read to accumulate what we might call “wisdom” about the broader life experiences.

So I feel pretty safe in saying that Rick Santorum doesn’t read fiction. Not only doesn’t read fiction, but he’s probably quite proud that he doesn’t waste any time on such useless endeavors. (Aren’t you late for the Latin Mass, Rick?)

Anyway: Here’s Charlie Pierce, dissecting last night’s GOP debate.

3 thoughts on “‘There are no classes in America’

  1. I walked in and out of the room where today’s “debate” was on. It was awful. And Mitt Romney’s false bonhomie will drive me crazy should he be elected. OMG, he’s awful.

    But, since I think that the GOP Powers That Be lured, cajoled, threatened, bought or in some way coerced Gov. Good Hair into the primary primarily to keep the Not-Romney vote diluted, I kind of feel a bit sorry for him. He obviously never prepared himself in any way to handle a national campaign (or, at least even a few states of the nation) and exposure. Alas, he’s not a quick study and is not improving much as he continues to appear in the debates.

    He’s there priamrily to make sure no evangelical rightwingers gets enough votes to knock Mittens off the dais. Or one libertarian rightwingers gets those king od numbers. And, yes, this is purely a guess on my part — but why else wold Perry expose himself to such ridicule?

  2. Didn’t the Republicans get the memo that the main reason why people hated Bush was the wars. If you want to win the election stop promising to invade Iraq and bomb Iran.

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