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  1. Oh, Susie, sorry about that. Percocet first thing, then motrin, etc. Got to stay ahead of the pain or it will swallow you up.

    During my root canal o-rama last spring and summer (preceded by brutal toothaches), that regimen worked best for me. Don’t forget that you need a little something in your stomach when you take the motrin.

    As my kid would say, it’s all gon be ‘k.

  2. Is Percocet addictive? Is Motrin as addictive? How much pain is a person able to learn how to live with? Will the pain being experienced ever go away? Pain management is a science unto itself. Mind over matter. Or not.

  3. that’s criminal. when i had my appendix out i got enough percs to be on them full time for 2 weeks.

  4. Susie, has the itching subsided? Is it controlled with Benedryl (and the generic works just as well as the brand name, btw)?

    I stopped taking my pain meds the night before my epidural steroid injections, and the typed instructions said to only use ice on the injection site — which doesn’t hurt at all, so I didn’t do that. But, I woke up today with more pain than the day before in the hip area where my sciatic pain starts.

    However, last night, I was wearing dressier shoes (flats, but slimmer footprint) — and my right foot, which had so much pain and nerve pins and needles in the ankle area and on top of the foot, just rolled over on me. But I caught myself and then was trying to walk more carefully, didn’t see a little dip in a sidewalk section, my foot rolled over completely and I fell down, skinning my knee and kind of straining the muscles in my foot and ankle.

    And I was looking forward to a little x-country skiing at the golf course today….

    So, I don’t know if the pain is from the fall, a strained muscle, or the sciatica. Ack.

    My friend kept saying this is the beginning of the downward slope toward…infirmity and who knows what. Thanks for the happy thoughts, dear friend!

    But, I was trying to not use the painkillers which are known to affect the liver, as you were. And I’ve been on them on and off since September, with no realization of the liver aspect. Ooops.

    However, my impression is that any NSAID anti-inflammatory drugs will affect the liver…so acetaminophen isn’t an NSAID? Hhhmm–checking Wiki, it seems acetaminophen is not considered an NSAID by some, but is by others. It has about a 50% lower adverse effect on liver function than the other NSAIDs.

    Going through the Wiki articles got kind of confusing,what with all the scientific names and brands names, meds in use and withdrawn, etc., altho’ there’s a list of various drugs at the bottom of the main article. I’ve been on quite a few of them since September, plus I had never thought of ibuprofen as a drug to worry about in any way and used it a lot when I had active sinus pains in combo forms with antihistamines. (I have trouble with decongestants as they make me speedy. I end up unable to sleep if I’m on them more than a couple doses.)

    Welladay, lots to learn more about!

    It almost seems that if pain is long term the oxy-type pain killers might be safer? Except for addiction, but not all bodies become addicted easily, correct?


  5. Don’t let those stinking doctors try to screw you out of taking what you need. The opiate-based painkillers are the only ones that really work. I remember having root canal done at a clinic many years ago and having to do without real painkillers simply because the clinic — U. of P. — did not prescribe narcotics, period. It was agonizing.

  6. It’s funny you should say the opiate-based ones are the only ones that work. Not for me. I had an eye problem once with swelling and the worst pain I’ve ever felt. The hospital gave me straight morphine. It didn’t even dent the pain. It put me straight to sleep, so it worked in that sense, but the pain itself was unchanged. Reaction to drugs is a very individual thing.

  7. I thought you were saying in your initial dispatch that the Motrin wasn’t helping. That’s been my experience with Motrin in any situation where I needed relief from severe pain. But you were saying that Motrin seems to be a more effective pain reliever than Percocet? First time I ever heard that. Glad you’re feeling better.

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