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  1. “Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.” The Zionist/Evangelical Christian coalition is once again propagandizing (FOX News) for an immediate US/Israel military attack on Iran. A war. This same neo-can coalition demanded a war with Iraq and got it. What this comes down to is profits and Biblical prophecy versus Peace and sanity. “I won’t be fooled again,” by this alliance of warmongering liars. How about you?

  2. Look at our “strategic” foreign policy: supported the Shah’s dictatorship for oil, support Middle East dictators for oil today only because “allies” are benefiting instead of “foes” and a lopsided policy which only will cause the us all more harm than good. Great press we’ve got: never question the foundation of a foreign policy built on sand as our freedoms are increasingly moved from sturdy timbers to a sand foundation here in the “homeland”.

  3. Imhotep, it’s not just FOX News — it’s the entire Mainstream Corporate Media, which does include PBS and NPR: They all tout the government lines, along with the Israeli government lines.

    Oh, there are articles and analyses (back on Pages 20-22, interior paragraphs) which also point out that, indeed, these “lines” are remarkably coordinated and do differ from respected, but often ignored, people in both governments and both nations. But, overall, the main impression left is that Iran is so bad an actor that even illegal war is just fine with both nations and enough of its popuation that the leaders can’t be removed. Or prosecuted.

    Bush and Cheney were so obvious, but Pres. Nobel Peace Prize Winner is a tad more clever. He still sounds relatively logical and sane, but his actions so seldom match his words. He would never say “Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran,” but he would send in the drones.

    When he was labeled Bush III early on in his administration, I thought in too many ways he was that. Now, he’s going whole hog, it seems. And is mimicing the Bush/Cheney playbook for getting a nation ready for illegal war.

    And now, since Pres. Nobel Peace Prize Winner is an ostensible Democrat, even anti-war Dems are for the most part silent about what he and his administration are doing.

    Greenwald’s piece here so clearly lays out how close the Bush III administration is working with the Netanyahu government to “catapult the propaganda,” and in even a step by step same way. Obama’s approach is weaker only in that there is no 9/11 to play off of.

    BUT…<a href="http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2012/02/03/increased-israel-iran-tension-leads-to-heightened-security-at-jewish-institutions-in-nyc/last night on local NYC news the lead story on the CBS station was that NYC is placing guards at synagogues and the US in fear of possible Iran terrorist attacks. These would be caused by Israel attacking Iran, but the NYC PD (and Mayor Mike), acting on information from the WH, seem to be jumping the gun here a bit. No attack yet.

    But since the timing of Israel’s attack is unpredictable, and there may be “sleeper cells” lying in wait to launch their nefarious revenge attacks on the US, the city must be on high alert!

    “Unfortunately, the Iranians don’t like Israel and they don’t like the United States, so we become right at the top of their list in terms of targets,” security expert Bob Strang said.

    The NYPD said it is increasing security at synagogues and other Jewish institutions after talks between Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Israeli officials about a possible Israeli pre-emptive strike* on Iran.

    “We know that the Iranians have the capability in Washington, New York, Los Angeles. They’re capable of actually committing a crime here — whether it be murder, whether it be activating some type of terrorist attack,” Strang said.

    Note that once again, the MCM cannot tell the difference between an pre-emptive war and a preventive war. I recall many articles spelling out the difference in international law prior to Bush/Cheney launching their illegal invasion of Iraq, but, since pre-emptive, I guess, sounds more plausible and justifiable, it’s the term preferred by both government and thus the MCMers.

    Time to gin up the Terra Machine!

    I saw the first iteration of this on the new CBS This Morning program on Friday, with the lead reporter, John Miller, who was the local NYC terrorism expert reporter at the time of 9/11 and following, making the argument that since Israel seems likely to attack Iran, Iran will then choose terrorist attacks on soft US targets. And since Iran wants to destroy Israel, it will go after Jewish sites in…the US. Okaaay, then, it’s a go!

    And no number of protesters will be able to stop our Kleptocratic Oligarchic representatives in control of our government.

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