3 thoughts on “Caving?

  1. Well, yes. I think anyone who’s observed Obama’s track record knew he’d blink. Mainly because it’s obvious he’s a corporate douche like every other modern politician (with very few exceptions). I didn’t expect him to turn yellow so soon however.

  2. I suspect he’ll turn UN-yellow after November 4th, perhaps on this and a number of other controversial issues—if he’s still in the White House, which I have no reason to believe he won’t be.

  3. Oh, goodie. The Right in this country led by the Catholic Church has finally discovered the bright red line in the Constitution separating Church and State. This revelation came to the Right only because “Obamaacare” extends and protects the reproductive rights of all women. The Right and the Catholic Church tells us that it’s outrageous to “force” religious institutions to participate in “Obamacare” and for Obama to interfer with 2000 years of religious doctrine. What nonsense. If you accept federal dollars (Medicare, Medicaid, etc.) then you follow federal law. It’s your choice. This battle has nothing to do with religious liberty. It has everything to do with getting rid of “Obamacare” and defeating Obama in November. That the Catholic Church and the Right views women as mere chattel in this war on Obama is unforgiveable.

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