5 thoughts on “Sober as a judge

  1. I wonder if anyone will remind the judge if his goog-ole-boy sentence when Ms. Bray ends up with a broken nose or a couple of cracked ribs?

  2. and then when they get home, if she doesn’t blow him for showing her such a good time, he can continue choking her.

  3. Reminds me of hilarious story from Keith Richards’ bio. Back in the day, back in the South, KR was going before some local judge for something. I think the manager got a friend judge on the case, so no problem for KR.

    Funny part came when the hearing started. Moments after they commenced the judge called an hour recess. Reason? Liquor store across the street was about to close. Judge recessed the hearing an hour to give himself time to run across the street and refill the flask he had in his sock.

  4. Reading the link, did not mean to be flip. The blogger’s story about her nightmare highschool rapist was monstrous. Wish there had been some way she could have gone on offensive against the guy.

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