5 thoughts on “Lying with pictures

  1. Oh, come on. How could it possibly be faked pictures trying to justify an invasion? We all know we would never do that.

    Look at all the weapons of mass destruction we found in Iraq, and remember that huge deployment of enemy ships that attacked us in the Gulf of Tonkin? Why, we hadn’t faced a fleet like that since the days of the Japanese Imperial Navy.

    Now, don’t you feel sorry? You’ll never really feel better until you send a letter of apology to Hillary.

  2. Hillary’s side—the neo-con side—wants so badly for the USA and others to arm the Syrian opposition that they will say anything. The neo-cons (Zionists) began this mess, just like they started the mess in Libya, with the goal of having NATO bomb Assad out of power. Their stupidity has caused a civil war with the Sunnis on one side and the Aliwites, Christians and Shi’ites on the other. Morphing the civil war into a sectarian war pitting Sunni against Shi’ite (see Lebanon and Libya in recent days) was the next logic step. It also pits the major powers: the USA and Israel against Russia and China in a war of wills. Throw in the Sunni countries like Saudi Arabia and the UAE against Shi’ite Iran and you’ve got one giant mess on your hands. Who’da thought that Hillary was stupid enough to bring us Armageddon? Actually the real question is who didn’t think that she was that stupid?

  3. Imhotep, I fear that people who take high level, high powered jobs with administrations undergo something similar to regulatory capture: Even if she believed otherwise, she would not speak out as that would mean giving up the “power” to other things which she sees as “good.”

    I used to say no one left the Bush/Cheney administration with his or her integrity and reputation intact; now, I’m beginning to see that as the result of joining any of our modern administrations. Working for the Empire makes people do bad, stupid things.

    And, Obama is more Bush III than I’d even realized. And he’s corrupting his supporters and general Democrats.

    Read this post by Glenn Greenwald, on how many Dems strongly support things Obama is doing which they strongly rejected and criticized when Bush/Cheney did them. Repulsive Progressive Hypocrisy.

    People are amazingly able to justify things to themselves, eh?

    While over at Glenn’s, don’t miss his post on the miserable hypocrisy of our government –and our “leaders”– on how the US government and this administration notes whether someone is offering support to Terrists. This made my skin crawl, but it is somewhat explained by the post on how a sense of power affects people’s actions and attitudes posted above.

  4. I have a high school, ahhh, alum – she was one of the stuck-up bitches back in the day, cute but untouchable – who a number of years ago joined the Cheney Administration. Someone who I have known going on fifty years now, and when she came home she was not, she is not, the same person I have long known.

    A far more credible than the official version of 9/11 is that it was necessary to destroy the subterranean laboratory where space aliens – you know, Mars, Jupiter – were brewing up Stepford Clones of those who go to Washington.

  5. The two sides of this argument are: 1. Good people go into government and become corrupted by governmet. 2. Only corrupt people go into government in the first place. The overwhelming evidence points to the latter agrugement as being more true than the former. Hillary had a point of view about the workings of the world before she became our Secretary of State. She was then and remains a neo-con, a Zionist and a warmonger. About the question concerning whether or not Obama is the corruptor-in-chief? 1. 40% of our wealth is owned by 1% of our population. 2. When Kennedy tried to buck the 1% he never left Dallas alive.

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