One thought on “GOP’S smaller government

  1. Speaking of Santorum and his fascist Roman Catholic worldview. He tells us that the advocates of global warming are practicing the tenets of a religious theology that sees ‘man’ as being subservient to ‘his’ enviornment. According to Santorum, and the religious scholars in Rome that he relies on to do his thinking for him, either ‘man’ will be the master of ‘his’ enviornment or ‘his’ enviornment will do ‘him’ in. That age-old religious notion seems logical at first blush. But over time it has proven to be exactly wrong. At best ‘man’ can live in harmony with ‘his’ enviornment. As long as ‘he’ does as little damge to it as possible. Is burning mega-tons of carbon based fuels and pumping their gaseous bi-products into the atmosphere everyday doing as little damage to our enviornment as possible? The churchmen say yes. But they also say that no women has the right to control her own reproductive system as well. Or at least Santorum does.

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