10 thoughts on “Hero

  1. Susie, your niece went through all of that and still has her beautiful smile? What can we do to help in her current situation?

  2. When this was reported on local news, there was mention of a woman who had jumped 4 feet to the next door building. They said she had previously thought about how she might have to escape and imagined herself making that jump, feeling sure she could do it.


    But FIVE FEET and somewhat upward?

    Then, coaxing others to do the same?


    BTW, the building itself had character and looked like it added charm to the neighborhood. Too bad it was destroyed. Waaaay way too bad the fire alarms weren’t working.

    And Caroline is just lovely, speak so well — does she look like you, Susie? She has your speaking composure.

  3. That jump is astonishing.
    It’s a miracle that several people were able to do it safely.
    The collective adrenaline must have been flowing copiously.

    I agree about the building, Jawbone.
    It must have been one of the better apartment houses in town, architecturally.

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