Mitt Romney slipped yesterday and said something sensible. Don’t worry, his campaign did a little repair work later:

Mitt Romney said Tuesday that cutting spending slows growth in the economy — a rhetorical slip more akin to an argument a Democrat might make than a Republican.

Speaking in Shelby Township, MI, the former Massachusetts governor took a question about the Simpson-Bowles fiscal commission empaneled by President Obama to address the nation’s deficit and debt issues. In his response, he said that addressing taxes and spending issues are essential.

“If you just cut, if all you’re thinking about doing is cutting spending, as you cut spending you’ll slow down the economy,” he said in part of his response. “So you have to, at the same time, create pro-growth tax policies.”

That sort of comment was sure to raise the eyebrows of fiscal conservatives in the GOP, who have long preached a message of fiscal restraint as a path to economic growth.

“It’s hogwash. It confirms yet again that Romney is not a limited government conservative,” said Andy Roth, the vice president for government affairs at the fiscally conservative Club for Growth. “The idea that balancing the budget would not help the economy is crazy. If we balanced the budget tomorrow on spending cuts alone, it would be fantastic for the economy.”

[…] **UPDATE*** Romney spokesman Ryan Williams commented on the comments:

The governor’s point was that simply slashing the budget, with no affirmative pro-growth policies, is insufficient to get the economy turned around. However, he believes that budget cuts – especially in the context of President Obama’s unprecedented spending explosion – are a step in the right direction. As he made clear in his economic plan, he believes that spending cuts that reduce the size of government and balance the budget are crucial to economic growth and job creation.

Whew! A grateful nation heaves a sigh of relief.

One thought on “Oops

  1. There are two factions in the Republican Party. The sensible people we call the establishment and the crazy people who populate the Tea-bagger Party. The former wants a functioning government because they know that there is money to be made from it. The latter wants the government to go away because they are sure that the reason they’re not succeeding is because the government is keeping them down. These are the stupid people. The Romney faction, the establishment, is the 1% who relies on the stupid people to get electd so that they can steal them blind.

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