Obama: Love me, I’m a liberal

Phil Ochs has been dead for decades, but he has Barack Obama's number

How much longer are Robert Reich and other commentators going to pretend to be stunned by this spineless purveyor of false hope and empty promises? Right up till the election, no doubt. More here.

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11 thoughts on “Obama: Love me, I’m a liberal

  1. Phil Ochs was a manic-depressive, alcholic who hung himself from his own shower curtin rod in his early 30’s. That’s not to say that he hadn’t already figured everything out. Which could be said about Lenny Bruce as well. Then again maybe the CIA did Ochs in and made it look like suicide and gave Bruce a hot-shot ending his life. But it’s very doubtful that either of these guys knew the first thing about “false hope” which they didn’t concoct in the dark corridors of their own twisted minds. They were both gifted and entertaining if not completely insane.

  2. Dan Lynch, if people don’t get it by now, it’s only because they don’t want to.

    They. along with the overwhelming majority of bloggers, are cons. Digby, Kevin Drum, Josh Marshall, Kos (and all his hangers on), and increasingly, many many others; they are all con-men. Nobody with half a brain should ever listen to anything they have to say.

  3. soullite, that’s an interesting comment. But what does it mean? What don’t “we” get? Why do you call Digby, Kos, etc. and their hangers on “con-men?” What are we missing? Please expound.

  4. Imhotep, maybe I can help.

    Matt and maybe Ezra are forgivable. Callow and ambitious, they still covet those insider cocktail party invitations. They may yet see the light. Insider acolytes.

    Bob and Paul are brilliant and great, as far as they go, which is probably about as far as you can and stay in the BIG UNIVERSITY and BIG MEDIA games. One suspects that their cocktail party invitations are few, and seldom reciprocated. Insider outliers.

    I can hardly wait for Digby, KOS, Josh, Duncan et al to tell me I have to vote for the the Obaminator. They have cocktails at home with their cats. Outsiders who are insiders only when the election is on the line.

    So love me, love me, love me. I’m a liberal. Let’s reason together.

    What’s in your cocktail glass?

    So it goes.

  5. Adams, as our world inches ever closer to another world war, and never having attended anybody’s cocktail party anywhere, this critique on Leftists as “con-men” seems somewhat surreal. One of the major demands made by the revolutionaries taking part in the Arab Spring is the right to vote. So NOT voting in November is out of the question. If for no other reason than to show solidarity towards our revolutionary brothers and sisters in the Middle East. That said the question becomes, “Who ya’gonna vote for?” Romney or some other 1% Republican, or Obama? The choice is pretty easy with or without the input of Digby, Kos, etc. Don’t you think?

  6. um, there are other choices, thank dog. but never forget that voting just encourages the bastards.

  7. Adams, Not voting encourages them even more. As to the “other choices” None of the “other choices” has a snowballs chance in hell of winning the presidency. That’s because that’s the way the system has been set up. Keep jousting at those windmills though.

  8. Made it through Quixote. Been searching for Dulcinea ever since. My record against windmills is about even. Honestly, I prefer the Cisco Kid.

    As to politics, my choice is to refuse to vote for anyone who carries out eternal war, assassination by edict, unmanned death from the skies, torture, etc. Buying into wacko right-wing economic ideology on austerity would also be a no-no.

    Obama had the opportunity and support to move the window to the left. He chose to move it to the right. No hail Mary this time.

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