3 thoughts on “Eric Holder’s drone speech

  1. Damn right, this approach to our civil liberties violates everything the Constitution has stood for. But Bush started this shit, and who knows for sure where the slippery slope ends? But, can’t you just see the headlines if Obama tried to roll back some of this crap? Hell, the other side is already trying to say he’s soft on Iran, in spite of all the other foreign policy “victories” he’s overseen in the past three years.

  2. “The Constitution ‘guarantees due process’, not judicial process.” Those are Holders words. Due process means that, “No *citizen* may be denied his or her legal *rights*………as the *right* of the accused to *confront* his or her accusers.” How does assassinating an American citizen using a laser guided missle fired from a drone conform in any way with the due process of law? Was the dead citizen allowed to confront his or her accuser before he or she was blown to kingdom come? Holder should be fired immediately.

  3. “The Constitution guarantees due process, not judicial process.”

    Impeach this bastard’s sorry ignorant ass. The Star Chamber is not a constitutional court.

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