Another Letter to Carol Hedison Foil…..

by Boohunney

Dearest Carol,

OK, fraudulent birth certificates….. Let’s think how a conspiracy like that could be pulled off. First, we could go into the “way back machine” and change a newspaper announcement. Then, we go into the records department in Hawaii and make and FILE a false document. How do you make all the people that one would need to pull that off be compliant? Or is there a dead body problem in the Birth Record Department in Hawaii as well?
Secret Muslin? Hardly. The claim he went to “Muslin” school may be true. As you know, Carol, Indonesia is a predominately a “Muslin” country. You have lived there, Carol, haven’t you? I am sure most of the student body is “Muslin.” But, since you think all “Muslins” are radical…. President Obama also attended Catholic Schools, as well. President Obama’s mother was an anthropologist (and BTW, I was married to an anthropologist/archeologist. I can vouch LOUDLY that those folks are flakey.)

Our President was exposed to many religions through her studies and work while growing up. Ann Dunham has been described as an atheist or agnostic. You think that would be a breeding ground for jihadist?

My personal feeling is this: Why worship one god or goddess when there are so many?

Read some Jung. I swear, you will love it.

Anyway, the President went to live with his grandparents when he was of the age to be in 5th grade. He went to a preparatory school for secondary school.
There is no doubt our President had a “colorful” upbringing. If I could think of a kid that had so many varied experiences, I think of Auntie Mame’s nephew.

There’s nothing wrong with that.
I don’t “worship” any politicians (like some folks I know.) I have criticisms of policy and actions (and lack of actions) that President Obama has made. I don’t walk in “lock step.”

Nobody “Left of the Dial” does. That’s why it’s called a “Big Tent.”

Sigh, oh well.

I’m not a “Progressive” politically, I suppose. I went to a colorful “Progressive” school when I was a kid. But, I from that “Progressive” learning, I learned that I AM a “Social Democrat.” On my own. With my own brain.

But, I think “he”, President Obama, is damn better than ANYTHING y’all have to offer. Even the Libertarians from the Christo Randian Temple don’t have ANYTHING for me.

Bowling with Barrister Pedigree next week?