5 thoughts on “Bank on BofA ripping you off

  1. Who remembers Mr. Mojo Risin’ Jim Morrison? Morrison warned us about B of A way back in 1975 in a book entitled, “The Bank of America of Louisiana.” Wasn’t Morrison dead by 1975? Well somebody is buried in theat Paris cemetary. Or not? Anyway, the last line in that book says, “B of A & Company, USA….where monkey business is big business.”

  2. “B of A & Company, USA..” Marine Corp Gen Smedley Butler warned us about the Bank of America way back in the 30’s, when he told us that the “& Company” part of the “B o A” meant the US government. Butler explained in some detail how the governemt laundered money through the B of A to fund the coups in Central and South America and others around the world. Those famous banana republics everybody talks about.

  3. Yes, Taibbi can make the most tragic news somewhat humorous.

    Apparently, B of A is being watched by economists again, as the bank is teetering and may be in trouble, again, soon.

  4. All of these “too big to fail” companies have really pulled a number on the majority of America. Back when they were first discussing all the bailouts, it seemed like a reasonable thing to do to prevent all of the middle-class employees from getting laid off…. in retrospect, it really just seems like the money stayed at the top and never really found its way down.

  5. I noticed in the comments to Taibbi’s article that everybody mentioned having to read the piece in spurts, stopping halfway through to keep from gagging. Good to know I’m not the only one.

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