The massacre

Robert Fisk on the real story behind the Afghan massacre – and of course, we’re not even getting into the question of whether there was only one shooter. But if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that the official version is not usually the true version.

2 thoughts on “The massacre

  1. We are stuck in Afghanistan until after the November election. Obama couldn’t leave if he wanted to. Thanks to the war-hawks in the Republican and Democratic parties. (Want some names?) By the way, in 2001 the warmongers planned for us to stay and fight in Afghanistan for at least 20 or 30 years and they still do. Who were the people who got us to this point? 1) Albert J. Wohlstetter 2) Democratic Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson 3) Richard Perle 4) Paul Wolfowitz (Do yourself a favor and research these war criminals.) That all of these men are militant Zionists should come as no surprise to anyone. Remember, most of our Congresspeople display a bumber sticker which reads “Israel First.”

  2. I’m fixin’ to go to sleep.
    When I came home tonight, Daddylonglegs, was watching the “JFK” movie with Kevin Costner.
    This story, about a lone soldier doing that.
    I hope that is a gubmit advertisement for us to get out….

    Just sayin’……

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