The Catholic Church and the right wing. Go read:

The near-disappearance of economic justice as a priority for American Catholic bishops is an aberration, both historically and in the current global context. Though rarely mentioned by current U.S. bishops, “Economic Justice For All” was very much in keeping with orthodox Catholic theology and practice, and leaders and laypeople were integral to the early progressive movement.

3 thoughts on “Bedfellows

  1. To be fair, the RCC did balk at “Liberation Theology” because it would have made Republican Jesus cry.

  2. The current Pope has spoken on this topic many times. As recently as two months ago when he decried the wealth gap between the rich and poor. Saying that the present day inequality of wealth could not be maintained much longer without civil unrest breaking out. But the Pope has become just as irrelevant to Catholics, especially the corrupt oligarchy, on this issue as he has become on the issue of birth control. The inmates (the 1%) are now in charge of the asylum. And they’re not giving up political or economic control to anyone including the masses without a fight.

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