Sauce for the gander

by Susie
Let’s hear it for local boy and state Sen. Larry Farnese, who’s decided PA’s ultrasound law should be met with similar legislation for Viagra users:

Farnese called the female ultrasound bill “unnecessary and humiliating.”

“No woman should be forced to undergo a transvaginal ultrasound if they don’t want or need the test. But for some reason, the Republicans in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives think that their degrading legislation is the right thing for female patients who are rightfully accessing their protected health services,” said Farnese.

“I’m submitting legislation that will require men to undergo a few similarly invasive tests in order to show that this effort is ridiculous and that we should be protecting and expanding, not watering down, health services for women.”

Farnese’s legislation would require male patients to:

  • Be given a full prostate exam and undergo a cardiac stress test.
  • Submit a signed affidavit from a sexual partner stating that the patient suffers from erectile dysfunction.
  • Participate in sex therapy to determine if there are nonphysical reasons for the individual’s condition.
  • Watch a video detailing the side effects of erectile-dysfunction medication.

The bill also would require physicians to provide the patient with written proof that he will benefit from using the medication and that there are no other potential medical or psychological causes of his impotence.

3 thoughts on “Sauce for the gander

  1. Treatment for Ed is an off-label use for most of these medications. They don’t exist to get your dick hard – that’s just a side effect that these drugs get subscribed for. They actually just increase blood flow so that people with terrible circulation have a fighting chance not to get their limbs hacked off.

    So congratulations, pro-choice movement! You’ve now joined your anti-choice counterparts in their callous disregard for all the normal people who would suffer terrible so that you can make a political point.

  2. Ok cmon, Soullite, what planet did you just drop in from? Are you implying that getting a hard dick is just a nominal side effect of the ED meds, but that their real market is for men with circulation issues? That being the case, then why can’t women use them for “circulation problems”, and hell, some children may even benefit, huh? Next thing you know, it’ll be just as good for brain siezures and blood clots.

  3. And what about that proposed Arizona law that makes a woman watch an abortion before having one? How about making a man watch a penis react to ED meds before it’s prescribed? Remember, if you experience an erection lasting over 4 hours, call your doctor. A 3-hour 59-minute video should do the trick.

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