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  1. Rash Lindberger is a very dangerous man. Rash is one of those “discreet predators” that you say we should be battling. The Koch brothers, Verizon and others of their ilk pay Rash big bucks (about $100 million a year) to propagandize for them several hours each day on the ‘public’ airwaves. Many people believe every word that he says. Maher takes up Rash’s cause purely out of self-interest. That is dishonest. Lots of people in the United States thought that Hitler was a harmless buffoon not requiring any special scrutiny right up until he started WWII. We ignore people like Rash, and Hitler, at our own peril.

  2. Imhotep makes a good point – it’s in Maher’s self-interest to defend the likes of Limbaugh. Remember what happened to Maher with his “coward” comment. I also find it odd to read on one political blog linking to another that fighting back against speech is wrong. What exactly is it you two do on your blogs? Finally, I really object to the “as long as somebody somewhere is doing something worse you’re wasting your time arguing against this.” Believe it or not I also find the crimes against the poor in this country worthy of my time and attention. And really, how is Limbaugh NOT one of these people: “We should save our outrage for the discreet predators who have bought both major political parties and put millions of people out of work.”

  3. Sorry, I’ve been trying to ‘coexist’ with Rethugs, Liebertarians and other conservative Benedict Arnolds for 40 years. Any compromise with them is simply a green light for them to slip another knife between America’s ribs.

  4. “If it wasn’t for “outraged” liberals, I wouldn’t even know the blowhard existed.”

    …and, if it wasn’t for your hook-up with Suze—Odd Man Out—I’d have no idea that YOU have a blog. You’re totally wrong on the Limpburger issue: he spews hate and division to something like 20 million folks a day who actually find him believable, and no one, absolutely no one in the Thug Party has the balls to challenge him. And he gets paid a princely sum for doing so. No, he deserves to be challenged throughout the land!

  5. To equate Limbaugh with Hitler is way off the mark. Limbaugh is an entertainer — an odious, woman-hating bigot — but an entertainer, not a politician. There is certainly nothing discreet about him. Saying he is a front for the Koch Brothers and various corporations merely echoes my point.

    Maher wasn’t defending Limbaugh’s ideas. He was saying the old fraud has a right to voice opinions, and a right to make ugly statements. I disagree with Mayer on Israel, but I certainly wouldn’t try to muzzle him. Anyone campaigning for censorship of Limbaugh is just as wrong as those who campaigned against Maher for speaking out against the hysterical jingoists who were upset about his 9/11 remarks. It’s the principle, not the specific issue. “Fighting back” against speech by making good arguments is one thing. Trying to get someone thrown off the air is another. The latter is what happens in police states.

    My point about outrage was that it should be directed at the guys who really run the show — the Koch Bros. and so on; the corporations that own the media; and the pigs on Wall Street, who are just as close to Obama as they are to Romney. Limbaugh is a symptom, not a cause. The people who listen to him are already predisposed to believe the nonsense he spews. “Liberals” should focus their energies on breaking down the machine that, every four years, leaves us with two candidates who answer to the same masters.

    As for my blog hook-up with Susan — what is your point? That Limbaugh shouldn’t be allowed on radio because 20 million yahoos “actually find him believable”?

  6. odd man out, a large part of the problem in the USA today is that we don’t muzzle enough people. Or the 1%, the owners of the MSM, muzzles all the wrong people. What we have is a lot of ‘noise’ and very little rational debate and conversation. That’s no accident. Nothing can ever be accomplished in a democracy if the entire stadium is yelling at one another at the top of their lungs. Rash is not a symptom, rather he’s the cause of much of the unnecessary and not very fruitful noise that’s out their. Shutting him down would be a public service. As for the Hitler reference. There was no comparison of Rash to Hitler. Hitler was an example. The Zionists hate it when anyone uses Hitler’s name for any reason. Even in a historical context. They want Hitler’s name censored completely. So it was a finger in the eye of the Zionists and a statement about the things that they want censored more than anything else.

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