2 thoughts on “If the banksters don’t want her

  1. Surely you jest, Suze. If the banksters don’t want Maxine, then that’s precisely the reason I do want her watchdogging their every dirty, scheming move.

  2. Wasn’t Susie being ironic? Which begs the question, whose side is Hillary on? Hillary has released $1.3 billion dollars to the Egyptian military dictatorship even though federal law prohibits her from doing that. That $1.3 billion goes directly to the Egyptian military which is currently running the country. That’s why it’s illegal to prop the military dictatorship up with our tax dollars. We all know that this is the pay off for the release of the leader of al-Qaeda Zawahiri’s brother Mohammed from his confinement in Egypt’s military prison. But even so, doesn’t Hillary give two shits about the people of Egypt? Obviously not.

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