Wingnuts cannot get the battle flags up the pole without getting the halyards snagged….

by Boohunney

From Digby:

Clearly, this case has the right wing discombobulated. They desperately want to defend the shooter.

It’s true. The Trayvon Martin case has put some real sand in their gears. No fast and quick talking points, just diversions and nonsense.

Geraldo keeps stepping into the hoodie mess:

“I’m telling you, half of it is the way the young men look,” he said.

So, we start the old “blaming the victim” routine.

This disturbing post from the Council of Concerned Citizens accuses CNN of trying to gin up hate against “whites” and start race riots. Read the comments regarding impending martial law.

I just could not help heading over to Social Media world to get the pulse of how the ones Right of the Dial that I know are handling this.

Of course, what is going through their heads has nothing to do with justice. Here are just a few samples of comments:

Earl the Pearl: In short….the Perfect Distraction from the Supreme Court and HCR and the Federal Budget proposal. This stuff is getting too easy to ‘read’.

Texas Kathy:…..that is why he his referring to Zimmerman as a WHITE hispanic…Ovomit cannot afford to offend his illegal hispanics……I don’t think he has too many of the hispanic voters who are citizens… (sic)

Carol Heddisin Foyle: I wonder how far this is going to go in terms of social unrest? It doesn’t seem to be so “spontaneous” to me, but rather a very deliberate attempt to use this tragedy to rile people up and get them in the mood for protesting — and fill them with anger and hatred. It somehow seems to go along with the Government supported Occupy protests (astro-turfed by the Unions).

Little Amy Amsterdam: Abortion is the murder of infants. You know people who support it! Who stand up for ProChoice. Totally blows my mind how anybody can support the right to take the life of an innocent baby but gets fired up about a murder likes this.

Tommy Millstone:  There are certainly a lot of gated communities here in Georgia that I would not want to illegally trespass in at night wearing a hoodie. I’m smart enough to know that would be a stupid thing to do.

Sheriff Jimbo: From a law enforcement stand point this case should be over criminally and should only be a civil suit now.

Well, those are some true to life seeds of wisdom from some members of the Right in Spruill County. Smell the Freedom!

Update: I received this “love note” in my Social Media email box.

“fu. you talk out your ass talking dem party line. you are a lot of what is wrong with this country. you also talk of things you know nothing about. btw good try getting me to say something aggressive about guns. you are so full of shit it is pathetic! (imho)! “sharptonians’ are taking advantage of the situation to provoke and agitate.”

6 thoughts on “Wingnuts cannot get the battle flags up the pole without getting the halyards snagged….

  1. Yes the photo’s been altered, he was alive when this one was taken. And Geraldo you seem to be missing the part about fearful bigots and concealed carry.

  2. Florida passed the very first “Stand Your Ground” law in the USA. Thanks to Jeb Bush. It was the National Rifle Association’s own Marion Hammer who took legislation written by ALEC and walked it through the Florida legislature. Hammer, the NRA’s 2004 Women of Distinction winner, lined up lobbying money from WalMart and the Koch brothers to “git’er done ” in Florida.

  3. Possibly a follower of Al Sharpton.
    Kinda like Bachmanian, or Palinian, or Santorumian.
    Or maybe just an Armenian-American surname?

  4. They want a race riot so they can apply 2nd amendment ‘solutions” to the problem. Actually I think they all feel victimized in some sort of perverse way, possibly because the tide of public opinion seems to be inching leftward.

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