Why no news stories about ALEC?

by Odd Man Out
[From a recent conversation with my Russian friend Sergei. We like to argue which country is less democratic — America, or Putin’s Russia.]

No, Sergei, I’m not turning into a conspiracy theorist, and I’m not having one of my mood swings. There really is a secretive organization called the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), financed by huge corporations and billionaires, that is helping to bust unions, kill health care reform and environmental regulations, make it harder for Democrats to vote, eliminate government aid to the poor, privatize prisons, and pass “stand your ground” laws like the one that, so far, has kept Trayvon Martin’s killer from being arrested.

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5 thoughts on “Why no news stories about ALEC?

  1. Can’t get “more here” without a password?/ So…..here’s some thoughts. Who the hell is Joe Oliver “Friend of George Zimmerman?” Until several months ago he worked as a reporter for a tv station in Orlando, Fl. Then he was fired. Wanna bet that until ten days ago he didn’t even know who George Zimmerman was? So who hired him? And who hired Zimmerman’s attorney? Zimmerman doesn’t have a pot to piss in. So where’s he getting all this money? Just how well connected is this Zimmerman character anyway??

  2. Same here. Goes to wordpress sign-in. Register and sign-in. Gives error: “can’t edit here” (or something like). Confusion reigns.

    ALEC meetings are held with the secrecy and security one expects for the G-10 (or whatever the number is now). Maybe they realize they’ve been ID’d for the Quisling scum that they are. Is there and ‘ALEC Watch’ blog somewhere that keeps tabs on the criminals?

  3. There’s no doubt a stinking-ass cover-up is abrewing over the Martin case. Everyone from the kiss ass City Manager to the “interim” police chief (who hasn’t a clue about where the “leaks”about Martin are coming from) to the paid actor, Joe Oliver, who has suddenly come out of the woodwork to know more details than the police themselves about Zimmerman’s actions and motives. Of course, all the players in this cover-up just coincidentally happen to be black. If our DOJ has any balls they should be on this like white on rice, and soon!

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