Billions of aliens out there?

by Odd Man Out

Take it from Ziggy Stardust, 'You're not alone'

Another blow to believers in Earthling exceptionalism:

A study published this week suggests that there may be “tens of billions” of planets in the Milky Way galaxy that fall within what scientists call “the Goldilocks zone,” where the conditions for spawning life are thought to exist.

Working with a relatively new technology called the HARPS spectrograph, located at the La Silla Observatory in Chile, scientists said that a survey of red dwarf stars in the Milky Way found that approximately 40 percent had planets orbiting within the Goldilocks zone. They also estimate there are about 160 billion red dwarf stars in our galaxy…

4 thoughts on “Billions of aliens out there?

  1. If there is an all powerful Creator out there, I wonder if he/she/it grades pass-fail or on a curve.

    And if it is a test –how we’re treating our living space, our planet, its treasures and its life forms– I would imagine this particular blue planet is heading down to the bottom of class pretty fast.

  2. They say that without the moon nothing on earth would function all that well. They also say that the moon shouldn’t be located where it is. That it was placed there intentionally.

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