4 thoughts on “Uh huh

  1. We have to keep up with the intelligence capability of Communist China, don’t we, don’t we? The NSA motto: Trust but verify.

  2. Well fuck. My retirement plan is a cheap Walmart shotgun and one shell.
    Trust but verify? Should be, “Fuck them mightily.”

  3. This has been a Corporate approach to security for 20 years, tell us that you’re putting your boot on our necks for our own protection. The real enemies of Our Corporate Masters are us and they know it. The ‘War on Terror’ has always been a smoke screen to install fascist protection.

  4. Agree with Ron. We’re being manipulated 24/7 and spied upon to make sure it’s working (and rid the populace of anyone “seeing clearly” through their manipulation and trying to do something about it). Now that Habeus Corpus is gone and we can be “disappeared” without charges maybe people will start to understand what they’ve ‘allowed’ by not participating in their government. i don’t have the faintest idea how we’re going to get the corporate/special interest/Wall Street/1% out of controlling every facet of what was once our democracy. We’re now in a banana republic stage – just ahead of martial law. This summer should be “interesting.”

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