5 thoughts on “Mitt jokes about lost jobs

  1. Mitt Romney is probably the stupidist man in the clown car. When the 1% goes big, Romney is the kind of guy they chose. It’s just too bad for them (1%) that they settled on Romney several years before the revolution (OWS) began. Too ban for them (1%) but good for us (99%).

  2. It reminds me of the Wall Street douche-bags, lounging on the veranda, swilling champagne laughing at the ‘great unwashed’ for asking for crumbs instead of stealing like they do. The US is learning first hand the rationale for a Committee of Public Safety.

  3. I think we need a homey feeling SNL sketch of Mitt with a blue class guy reminiscing about how two generations of romneys have fired two generations of smiths.

  4. I knew people who lost those American Motors jobs, in Kenosha. I don’t think the city has ever really recovered from the closing of that one plant.

    Also, Romney wants us to believe that there was a high school band in Michigan which didn’t know any of the MI universities fight songs? They only knew “On, Wisconsin”?

    Really, Mitt?

    Actually, Romney has managed to remind voters in boths states of what a douche he can be. Is.

    (Comment left at Odd Man’s place)

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