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These entrapment stories are really infuriating. Instead of out looking for people who might actually be a threat, the FBI fabricates these cases instead:

The arrest of a Pittsburgh man described as a Taliban sympathiser has sparked allegations that the FBI deployed a notorious confidential informant used in previous controversial stings on suspected Muslim radicals.

Khalifah al-Akili, 34, was arrested in a police raid on his home on March 15. He was later charged with illegally possessing a gun after having previous felony convictions for drug dealing. However, at his court appearance an FBI agent testified that al-Akili had made radical Islamic statements and that police had uncovered unspecified jihadist literature at his home.

But, in a strange twist, al-Akili’s arrest came just days after he had sent out an email to friends and local Muslim civil rights groups complaining that he believed he was the target of an FBI “entrapment” sting. That refers to a controversial FBI tactic of using confidential informants – who often have criminal records or are paid large sums of money – to facilitate “fake” terrorist plots for suspects to invent or carry out.

In the email – which was also sent to the Guardian before al-Akili was arrested – he detailed meeting two men he believed were FBI informants because of the way they talked about radical Islam and appeared to want to get him to make jihadist statements. According to his account, one of them, who called himself Saeed Torres, asked him to buy a gun. Al-Aikili said he refused. The other, who was called Mohammed, offered to help him go to Pakistan for possible Islamic radical training. Al-Akili also refused.

In the email al-Akili recounted that he obtained a phone number from Mohammed and put it into Google. The search returned a reference to the case of the Newburgh Four, where an FBI confidential informant called Shahed Hussain helped secure the convictions of four men for attempting to blow up Jewish targets in the Bronx.

Hussain’s actions became notorious among civil rights groups due to the incentives he deployed on his targets, who were local black Muslims in the impoverished town of Newburgh. They included offering one suspect $250,000, a car and a free holiday. Al-Akili said he also found a picture of Shahed Hussain on the internet and realised it was the same man as “Mohammed”.

Al-Akili concluded his email by saying: “I would like to pursue a legal action against the FBI due to their continuous harassment and attempts to set me up.” The Guardian contacted al-Akili by email and on March 14 by phone and al-Akili agreed to talk more to the Guardian about his belief that he was being set up by Hussain. But he was arrested the next day and has been denied bail as a potential threat to the public, keeping him in jail.

3 thoughts on “Setup

  1. But it’s so much easier this way. And it really pumps up your stats. Win-win.

    Repuke approach to fighting the war on terrorism: Pay for both sides

  2. I’ll point you to the terrorist in this country and it won’t cost the taxpayers a fucking dime: just go to D.C. on Pennslyvania Ave. and look for the domed structure at the end of the block. Anybody there who claims to be a ‘rethuglican’ can be counted on to terrorize the American public.

  3. What about the Dems who aid and abet, sometimes take the lead, in attacking civil liberties and the Bill of Rights?

    Shouldn’t they be picked up too?

    Seriously, it’s not being done just because Repubs are in any office or within the Federal bureaucracy and law enforcement. Dems have picked up these cudgels and see inflicting them on our Muslim minority to be a good thing. Also, they like using them aginst actual lefties, peace advocates, environmentalists.

    Pretty soon, we of the left will be as suspect as any Muslim.

    Both sides see no problem with one interpretation of laws for the One Percent and those close enough to that kind of wealth to actually count and another interpretation of laws for the rest of us. Right now, it’s the Muslims, a few Native Americans, some enviros who get the really hard back of the judicial hand; it won’t be long before that is expanded to include many of us who disapprove of Dear Leaders, Big Corporatists, and Big Banksters in this nation.

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