NPR’s Iran story ‘pure propaganda’

by Odd Man Out
What happened to NPR’s new goal – to be “fair to the truth“? Glenn Greenwald dissects an NPR story about “state-sponsored terrorism” from Iran that relies almost exclusively on current and former U.S. government officials:

This is what establishment-serving journalists in Washington mean when they boast that they, but not their critics, engage in so-called “real reporting”; it means: calling up Serious People in Washington and uncritically repeating what they say

5 thoughts on “NPR’s Iran story ‘pure propaganda’

  1. Greenwald is correct about this embedded reportage, but he is boundlessly too kind to this reporter. This is stupidity on stilts. “Fool me once…” is apparently too abstract a principle for contemporary reporters to grasp. Why does it escape notice that if you substitute “Iraq” for every act attributed to “Iran”, you have heard every one of these claims before, made by these same experts, and definitively proven to have been the false predicate for the Iraq war? If skepticism is advocacy journalism, then bring it on!

  2. I know this is off-topic, but can someone please tell me how I can be the first on my block to have a car elevator?

  3. NPR has become The Voice of the Imperial Courtiers.
    I call it, “News of Death and Empire.”

    A sure way to bring about an impressive bout of depression is to put NPR on as your clock-radio wake up channel.

  4. dandy, that’s easy……just steal million$ of dollar$ from your fellow Americans.

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