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  1. Digby says (and I’m going to test blockquote tags, so the next paragraph is a quote from Digby):

    Why shouldn’t I be allowed to choose Medicare if I want to? I feel that my freedom as an American is being infringed. How come these people are all forcing me to buy private insurance against my will. What is this, Communist China? (My emphasis)

    Of course, “these people” include Obama and all the Congressional Dems who voted for this health insurance profit protection plan (HIPPP). Some of those Dems voted enthusiastically for this bill, for their patrons, for their personal neolib beliefs, for their job security; some voted extremely reluctantly for it, as better than nothing.

    If Obama had started out with Medicare for All, with the choice to buy group or individual insurance should some wish to do so, then Obama and the Dems could be excepted from “these people.”

    But people need to recognize that Obama is foremost among “these people,” and he was there because he taking care of his corporate backers in the medical industry. It was Obama who made the backroom deal early on assuring Big Insurers that there would never be a/any/the undefined public option.

    We wuz robbed of a perhaps once in a half century opportunity to do actual work toward universal health CARE, for all. Obama led those robbers. (And, yes, it could have been done as a bill requiring 50 plus one votes.

    Obama did not want to do it.

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