General strike, May 1st:

Occupy supporters and members of the 99% are being urged to stay away from workplaces, walk out of school, refuse to perform domestic labor and refuse to purchase any goods. Without participating in capitalism, there are a variety of ways we can take care of each other using mutual aid: Folks are encouraged to set up mobile street kitchens, free stores and free medical clinics, as well as occupy their schools and workplaces and make their goods and services available to all who need them. A general strike is the people’s opportunity to prove that while capitalism and the state require our complacency to function, we do not need them to survive.

One thought on “Remember

  1. Why do you hate America so much? Because you haven’t had a steady job in what 6-7 years? Because you have never finished anything [college, etc] and believe you are so smart and skilled that there must be a conspiracy when you can’t find a job- have you even looked for a job in the last 3-4 years? God – you are such a loser.

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