The last throes of Mercury retrograde

So last week I was having a very bad echo on my old iPhone and when I called the ATT tech support, they told me it was my phone. I went to the ATT store and got a new iPhone for $1 and took it home. Now the echo problem is even worse. I called tech support again and now I’m told, “Our engineers were not able to reproduce the problem, so that points to equipment.”

“This is like when a doctor says nothing shows up on the tests, so you’re not sick,” I told her. “It doesn’t mean there’s nothing wrong, it means you didn’t find it.”

So now I’m going to cancel the ATT contract and hope against hope that I can find another carrier that won’t cause so much aggravation. Anyone have any recommendations?

4 thoughts on “The last throes of Mercury retrograde

  1. I have Verizon, mostly because over the years my original cell phone carrier was bought out and/or merged and ended up owned by Verizon. To date, I have not had any problems with Verizon. I do not have a smart phone, though. They may be just as bad as other carriers when it comes to data packages. I don’t know.

    Verizon does offer the iPhone. And it does have good coverage across the country. It is still a bloodsucking corporation that treats its employees badly. As far as I can tell, all the cell carriers fall into that category.

    If you can give up the iPhone, check out Boost Mobile and Simply Mobile. Boost uses the Sprint network, and I think Simply does to. Boost has better deals on data packages than either AT&T or Verizon. Boost sells phones. Simply relies on unlocked phones.

  2. Have AT&T with my work BBerry. Coverage sucks. Can’t get reception in my house! Verizon for my home phone, but it’s only a phone. But I’m always looking for someone to replace them (monstrous corporate victimizers that they are). Got a buddy who swears by Sprint. Go figure. Mostly a case of the devil you know etc.

  3. Hi Susie

    I’m on Credo Mobile which uses the Sprint network. It is the only mobil company that is progressive and gives to liberal causes. I’m sure you already know about them.

    No iPhone but they do have the Samsung galaxy S2 which has all the bells and whistles you could want and it’s 4G with a better battery life than the iPhone. coverage in Philly is good.

    For what it’s worth.

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