Housing wanted

My son’s getting pushed out of his slum housing apartment by a large rent increase. I have mixed feelings; it’s a real pit (I went out and bought smoke detectors for the place – the attorney/slumlord owner for some reason didn’t install them. He’s politically connected, so he doesn’t bother with things like meeting the city code) but it was cheap and close enough to work that he could walk.

Anyway, he and one of his roommates are looking for a 2BR apartment in Center City or South Philly under $900. If you have a lead on anything, please email me. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Housing wanted

  1. I just searched Craigslist for Philly, 2bdrm, Center City, under $900 and got lots of hits.

  2. Jeez, I’ve got a three bedroom here in Rochester, New York for $740!!!

    Backyard, front yard,front porch, back porch, ATTIC!!!

    Had no idea things were this pricey in Philedelphia,,,

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