Holy Thursday

by Susie

St. Adelbert’s on Allegheny Avenue.

The local Polish shops were packed today, because tomorrow is Good Friday and a lot of people will be in church instead of shopping. At the Krakus supermarket, located on a busy artery and a bus route, it was even more difficult to find a parking spot than usual. I saw many out-of-state plates from people headed back to the old neighborhood for their traditional holiday treats.

I gave up on getting kielbasa at Krakus because the line was so long. Instead, I bought a cheese babka and some chrusciki (Polish cookies made from scraps of fried dough and covered in powdered sugar). Then I headed over to the Polish butcher near my house, where I got some smoked kielbasa and some potato pierogis. There was a line of people waiting all the way around the store to place orders at the butcher counter, so they weren’t making hoagies today. I was starved, so after I was done, I headed over to the Korean Polish grocery, where they make a very nice hoagie. No lines there, even though they carry a lot of the same Polish food. But at the other store, it’s homemade.

Anyway, I’m done, I’m home and as ready for Easter as I’m going to get.

One thought on “Holy Thursday

  1. Same here, but not with the Polish emphasis. Whatever. Everyone’s got a tradition. I’m always amazed at how we plan for holidays like we’re mounting an invasion. Or perhaps producing a Broadway musical is more apt. Wish you all, all the best this Easter.

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