Stand your ground

People with guns get permission to kill anyone who annoys them, thanks to the “stand your ground” laws pushed by the NRA:

This isn’t a post meant to highlight that “it happens to white people too, and why isn’t CNN covering their story?“. Not at all. Trayvon Martin was a child, out on a candy run and on the phone with his young girlfriend, a child that was brutally executed by an animal who will hopefully someday get what he deserves. Brandon was a fully-grown adult who had been driving erratically (I’m told he too was on the phone with his girlfriend, with whom he just had a fight and who was riding closely behind him, and that that was the source of his erratic driving, but it’s possible he had been drinking, which makes his situation much more serious than Trayvon’s, but never worthy enough of him losing his life) and as far as I can tell, the police did not cover anything up or lied to the press or Brandon’s family.

No, this is a post to highlight the insane brutality of the stand-your-ground law, which turns every yahoo with a gun into a potential vigilante, all he (or she, but let’s face it: he) has to do is claim he “felt threatened” (a claim as subjective as “it’s cold outside” or “purple is my favorite color”) and then he can commit murder with impunity. That this law was wholly owned and pushed for by the NRA is so obvious that it barely needs telling.

If you think that these two murders are not enough, check out this other horrifying story, in which a man was shot and killed in front of his eight-year old daughter. Find out why he was killed, by reading the first three paragraphs, and if the reason doesn’t send chills up your spine, you are not human. Just like the other two killers, this man waited for police next to the corpse of his executed victim, and was questioned and released.

There cannot be hope for this country while its citizens are being openly slaughtered with impunity and their murderers sheltered by laws passed by pusillanimous cowards wholly owned by the NRA. It’s just not possible.

One thought on “Stand your ground

  1. Florida’s prosecutors need to stand their ground. The failure to charge in these cases is licensing murder. The prosecution function is complicated and, in most cases best served by declining to proceed when “proof beyond a reasonable doubt” is a stretch. However, if the most extreme construction of a law authorizes homicide for spite, you try the case to narrow the law to its most appropriate realm. Our government is supposed to guarantee due process, equal protection, life and liberty. I do not believe in State’s Rights to the extent that a legislature can legalize murder by labelling it self defense against the facts. If the state doesn’t charge, the Justice Department must because these killings have immunity “under color of state law”.

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