What we’re up against

So Matt Cartwright, a real progressive, is running against fracking backer Rep. Tim Holden, and the Blue Dogs and their lobbyist friends are pouring cash into the race (backing the fracker, of course). The ads attack Cartwright for supporting a public option:

The spot also portrays Cartwright as an opponent of President Barack Obama, saying that he “even put down President Obama on health care reform. More yelling. Less cooperation. Blaming President Obama. That’s the worst of Washington. That’s Matt Cartwright.”

Would it surprise you to learn that one of the lobbyists represents the health insurance lobby? Of course not.

One thought on “What we’re up against

  1. This is why I’ve given up on that party. They are in a negative feedback loop. Every cycle, they need more corporate cash and elect more conservative members. As a result, every cycle save for extremely rare cases, they lose registered voters. More liberals leave the party and the political system. This forced them to go after more corporate cash and elect even more conservatives, and even then, wins become increasingly rare.

    There is no way out of that. You will never convince people like me to bother with them again, in no small part because Democrats hate people like me. But without people like me, you can’t really hope to move this party to the left. Obama shat the bed, but you’re the ones who have to sleep in it.

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