2 thoughts on “Charlie Pierce

  1. This is well done. Douthat’s biggest problem with Pagel and others, although he never states it, is that he is still arguing Catholicism from the Roman point of view (St. Paul was a Roman agent) while many others have moved on to the real facts surrounding the birth of Christianity. Like the rape of Eve, the opposition to the Demiurge, the Mandeans, and so on. Douthat’s real problem is that he’s static and afraid to come and go “within you and without you.”

  2. Haha. I’m with you on that, Susie, about getting PAID. It’s a hell of a motivator… Best thing I ever read by Pierce. Lumping Pagels with The Di Vinci Code is like “blaming Galileo for Lost in Space.”

    The trouble with your garden-variety Catholic (one of the troubles) is that he/she would rather not even think about the existence and suppression of the Gnostic texts. That’s what orthodoxy requires: absence of thought.

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