Back to the frying pan

He’s no gem, but he’s not Scott Walker:

Shrugging off millions of dollars spent by labor groups to defeat him, Tom Barrett walked to victory in Tuesday’s Democratic primary and set up a more taxing sprint toward June 5 – a historic recall that will be a rematch of his unsuccessful 2010 race against Gov. Scott Walker.

In the recall primary, The Associated Press called the race for the Milwaukee mayor over former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk, showing that more than $4 million doesn’t necessarily buy a close race.

Even as Barrett was campaigning to the primary win Tuesday, Walker was barnstorming the state, showing the fight he will bring to what is expected to be a tight, brutal month of campaigning for one of the most important elections to state office in Wisconsin history. A poll last week showed Walker and Barrett in a dead heat.

Walker has been preparing for months for the election that is just four weeks away, raising a record $25 million, while Barrett must now pivot toward this race with far fewer resources.

“We cannot fix Wisconsin with Walker as governor,” Barrett said in a statement. “This election is not about fighting past battles, it is about moving forward together to create jobs and get our economy moving again. Wisconsin cannot afford to continue to suffer through Walker’s ideological civil war.”