Mittens distinguishes himself again

How awful is Mitt Romney? Is there anything he won’t do or say to improve his chances of being elected? I don’t know… Ask Chen Guangcheng, the blind Chinese dissident, or Richard Grenell, the gay foreign policy spokesman whom Romney threw under the bus. More here.

3 thoughts on “Mittens distinguishes himself again

  1. I think you don’t understand the meaning of ‘throw under the bus.’ This phrase is applied when someone (usually Obama) supports a person loudly and publicly and then later loudly and publicly distances himself from them.

    In the case of Chen, Romney made statements in support of Chen and was critical of the US govt. Tho I wouldn’t say he threw the US govt under the bus and certainly not Chen.

    As for his gay staffer, he didn’t at any time change his stance on the man neither propping him up as a token gay on his staff nor tearing him down to score political points when he left.
    “In an interview with Fox News, Romney said his campaign hires people “not based upon their ethnicity, or their sexual preference or their gender but upon their capability.” He called the former spokesman, Richard Grenell, a “capable individual” and said many senior campaign aides urged him not to leave.”
    Also not under the bus. And isn’t it funny – somehow you expect Romney to take on and convert the most rabid factions of his party, during a primary campaign no less. But every time Obama as president runs into a problem or kicks the can down the road a few years – well, that’s just political reality. Poor Obama, it’s all he can do. Hah, I guess you expect a lot more of Romney – meaning you think he’s more capable? Well, I don’t but that’s just me.

    Finally, let’s contrast Romney’s statements in the incidents you mention with Obama describing his grandmother as a ‘typical white person.’ Any way you slice it, bad. That’s how you throw someone under the bus.

  2. So Mean Mr. Mustard enjoys bullying gay folks, having the blind walk into closed doors, not worrying about the poor, firing people, and so on? These charecter flaws are not Mean Mr. Mustard’s alone. The entire Republican Party (Capitalist 1%) suffers from and celebrates these defective personality traits. The Republicans gotta go en masse in November.

  3. Liz: I certainly wasn’t defending Obama’s record. And I didn’t write that Romney threw Chen under the bus. As for Grenell, I think you’re splitting hairs. Romney called him “a capable individual” but didn’t even make a token effort to keep him on his team. That fits my definition of throwing someone under the bus.

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