Blaming you

A bunch of rich white guys held a fiscal summit and guess who they blamed? Rich Eskow:

Today a bunch of rich white guys held a “Fiscal Summit” and agreed that:

1. Despite the fact that unemployment is causing untold suffering for millions of people, it’s not very important.

2. Despite the fact that wage stagnation is destroying the middle class, that’s not important either.

3. Despite the fact that we need the social safety net more than ever after what they’ve done to the economy, it’s expendable.

4. Despite the fact that our government can borrow money at record low rates and use it to put people to work, thereby ending the recession and jumpstarting the economy, that option’s not even worth discussing.

5. Despite the fact that these men all possess great power, wealth, and/or influence, everything that’s wrong with the economy is your fault.

6. Since it’s all your fault, you better get ready to pay up.
Oh, and one other thing:

7. They’re all very smart and very brave. It’s too bad the rest of you people are such jerks.

Any questions? Let’s hope not, because they’re all busy men and it’s great golfing weather this week in DC.
(Sure it’s hot, but the weather calls for refreshing bouts of rain.Those are the perfect moments for cooling off under a rain-soaked cabana or golf cart umbrella. Precious moments, meant for breathing in the smell of wet grass as waiters marinated in Maryland raindrops refresh your gin and tonic. Mr. President? Mr. Speaker? Last one to the clubhouse is a rotten egg!)

The Summiteers convened in a nation wracked by unemployment and filled with crumbling schools and bridges. There they concluded that our most urgent problem is … government deficits. That’s like preaching about water conservation when your house in on fire.