Americans Elect calls it quits

Remember this “centrist” pipe dream? The opportunity for a third-party presidential candidacy was there, but nobody would run:

Americans Elect, a well-financed group that aimed to help a viable third-party candidate enter this November’s presidential race, has announced it is ending its web-based push to break America’s two-party system.

The organisation, which was founded with millions of dollars from its initial wealthy backers, had little trouble in organising a push to get on the ballot across America. It managed to secure ballot access in 29 states and was on track in all the rest. But it failed to attract a big-name candidate to join it or generate enough popular support from ordinary Americans to fulfil its own requirements to accept a candidate…

As a result, no single person running on the Americans Elect internet-based website managed to secure enough support to qualify for the Americans Elect primary in June causing the group to decide to shutter the process…

One thought on “Americans Elect calls it quits

  1. Voting for a third-party in a two-party system is just plain silly. But the 1% will fund anything to keep the electorate distracted.

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