2 thoughts on “‘A dangerous fool’

  1. “Deficits don’t matter,” VP Dick Cheney told us in 2002. Bush raised the debt ceiling 7 times. Then Obama was elected (president) and deficits become the most dangerous problem facing America according to the Republicans. That’s the politics behind the Republican (Capitalist) call for austerity that Obama has been fighting against.

  2. Imhotep, this can only work when the MCM (Mainstream Corporate Media) also plays its role of enforcer and enabler of these pols who say one thing, do another, and then just flip or obfuscate.

    The MCM specializes in stuffing history and facts down the Memory Hole. But only when it suits their corporate masters. If some detail from the past will serve to undermine someone or some entity which has not earned its support, and the corporate masters’ support, then that detail will be the whole story and will be used to destroy that person or entity.

    Romney strikes me as a highly verbal huckster. He seems to go on and on, sounding smooth, saying whatever he thinks will result in his getting what he wants. He’d make a good carnival barker — and if he says something which doesn’t fit with the current story, well, he just can’t remember exactly what he said and that seems to cover it. Neat trick, but only work if the MCMers go along with it.

    Obama is not that smooth when not speaking one of his set pieces or without his teleprompter, so Romney may actually look better to voters who don’t pay all that much attention to issues. Obama seems to do better when having one-on-one interviews, but he too says things which, well, don’t always make sense.

    Our MCM specializes in not covering issues very well. And if they do it’s usually something which their corporate masters deem necessary as propaganda. Not necessisarily facts or the real story.

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